Raising Endowment

Because of the nature and larger size of endowment giving, the schools were given both pledge and deposit benchmarking. This structure was intentional to allow donors to pay off significant pledges over a longer period of time as well as acknowledge the fact that endowment development is a long-term process. In Year 5 of the project, all five high schools have made significant progress towards reaching their six-year pledge and deposit benchmarks. Most importantly, all of the schools have succeeded in shifting their approach to development to include the building of endowments and a number of the school leaders have expressed interest in continuing to raise endowment dollars beyond the benchmarks. BJE has observed that schools now understand the importance of endowments to ensure the future of their respective institutions. Meeting the yearly cash deposit benchmark continues to be a challenge at three of the schools. To date the five schools have secured a total of $13,502,683 in pledges, and of that, $4,945,264 has been deposited at the Jewish Community Foundation.