Recruitment & Enrollment

Increasing enrollment has been an elusive goal in the first four years of the grant. Demographic shifts and a very challenging economy between 2008 – 2011 had significant impact and schools have struggled to maintain their enrollment levels. All of the high schools have emphasized the impact that the middle-income tuition subsidies have had on preventing further erosion of enrollment. Overall, enrollment for the five schools declined 6.6%.




Enrollment issues are further complicated by increases in school tuition. Maintaining high level faculty and remaining up-to-date with technology are costly propositions, and schools have struggled to keep tuition increases at a moderate level. Overall, average increases in tuition per year have been slightly under 5%.




Number of Students Served

BJE has carefully tracked and collected follow-up data on all students who have received tuition subsidies over the past four years. (Year 5 is still in progress). A large majority of the students who started out as LAHSA initiative tuition subsidy recipients remained in the program until graduation. With the exception of those whose family income changed, only 4% dropped out of Jewish High School.


A total of 300 individual students have received tuition assistance thus far.




Number of Year-Units of Support

It is important to note that, in most cases, individual students were served over a number of years. The charts below illustrate the total number of Year-Units of support, by school and by years of support, as of Year 5.